Prerequisite Knowledge Quiz

Thank you for your interest in our training!

People often ask us if they can skip our highly recommended prerequisite, Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® course and dive straight into our advanced courses:

  • Indigenous Consultation & Engagement
  • Indigenous Employment: Recruitment & Retention
  • How to Negotiate with Indigenous Peoples
  • Working with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

We often hear:

  1. "I did an Indigenous awareness or Reconciliation course with another company."
  2. "I completed the ICT Indigenous Awareness (part 1 of prerequisite) course."
  3. "I have worked in Indigenous & Stakeholder relations for over ___ # of years."
  4. "I did a blanket or smudging ceremony."

Isn’t that the same as the Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® course? Generally, the answer is no it isn’t the same. Our prerequisite course information goes beyond Indigenous awareness and our advanced courses go even further.

If you really want to skip the prerequisite we won’t stop you from signing up for one of our advanced courses. To make your decision easier we created this quiz to help you assess whether you have a good knowledge base of Indigenous history and relations that will help you get the best from our advanced courses.