Flavio Caron

Flavio Caron

Being the son of an Anishnabe mother and Italian-Canadian father, Flavio has grown up in two worlds, and is honoured for what both have bought him.

Flavio’s life has been immersed in all aspects of entrepreneurship, through the operation of many businesses to the training of others to succeed in their ventures. He believes that the ability to communicate - whether between individuals or between cultures - will always provide the foundation for success.

As an entrepreneurship and cross-cultural trainer, Flavio hopes that we all embrace the need to understand and be understood. The respect and trust that we strive to achieve in our personal and professional lives comes first and always from understanding.

Contributing to the success of thousands of individuals and organizations - he is honoured with each and every opportunity. Relationship-building is the cornerstone to his training philosophy: where individuals, organizations, communities and Nations learn and prosper through this spirit.

Leading or consulting with projects involving some of the most respected organizations and corporations in the world, Flavio trusts that inspired people - inspired educators - embracing new knowledge and ideas - will always succeed.